what? what am i doing here? what the hell?



hey guys, thanks for reading man, and showing such an interest that you’d want to find out more about the author (me)!

well, how should i begin?

my first blog started when i was 14 was _wildchild.blogspot.com. yes, it even has an underscore in it. it held all my rants as a morphing girl, and then i became embarrassed about it (rightfully so) ,and abandoned it. then late last year, i started this blog to capture my recipes that i didn’t want to forget about. i am terribly, terribly forgetful, and i wanted something that could remind me visually about the dishes i’ve cooked, and my notes taken as i prepared them. i also have an archive of all my recipes on my computer, but they all lay forlorn, and it seems like i only revisit recipes that i blog about.

over time, it became clear to me that i wanted to document more about my life, and all the crazy energy that i exude, both positive and negative. i’m hoping that by documenting stuff, i can keep track of all the times my crazy energy has induced me to be productive (positive), and those times when the rate of reaction is so fast but the state of stagnation is so great that i self-implode and end up stressed and not doing anything except to binge eat.

i guess what i’m trying to say is that I’m a kid. I’m a mid-twenties baby still trying to get my shit together, trying to create a happy home for my fiancé and my blue baby girl. I’m on a budget, but I care for the good life, and I strive for a happier life.  And as the days go by while I try to perfect some recipes and my our place a better home, I hope to be able to collect some memories of the things I’ve achieved and aspire to achieve. So this blog will be my collection of memories, ideas, thoughts, pictures, recipes and such. i hope you’ll like it as much as i do, cuz i got some crrrrazy ideas fermenting in my brain!



credits due: wordpress for this simplistic, free blog, Pan for being the candle in my life, Poppy for being my beautiful baby blue, Siddy for his highly productive ideas to get me off my butt, and God, because let’s face it, most of the time, I don’t know what I’m doing. Amen.


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